Saturday, January 21, 2006

Intuition or instinct are they the same?


An implement that countless of individuals have claimed to use in their daily pursuit. As they are forging forth towards their position of successfulness, in their driving life, is intuition. Intuition on the other hand is repeatedly viewed with a great deal of cynicism, disbelief, and skepticism. Could this be perhaps because no individual has been talented enough to identify exactly what intuition is?

Intuition is being responsive to condition on a level of none awareness nor consciousness. Intuition most likely has its origins in inherited instincts that where used for a life form to continue its existence. As part of the processes for change and adaptation, in which to take on a quicker sense of meaning when faced with a decision that pending. This original instinct has now collected its self into our psyche as intuition. It was probably the foundation upon which accelerated the right to use systems, based on an inner self survival transmission, use now, wait no longer, you are right, go for it.

By being disconnected from our functional awareness or our triad of consciousness, those thoughts are acting unregulated by the indecisiveness and unwillingness, that’s often standing in front of our functional awareness or our triad of consciousness. We either accept that gut feeling or will not recognize that sensitivity from deep within our minds thoughts. Intuition transforms this inner driven sensation in to either our functional awareness or our triad of consciousness for actions. This source is formulating in our sub consciousness trying to relate this information forth coming.

Intuition may most excellently be understood as the minds computers response based on our subconscious associations to the circumstances at hand, drawn from all our past experiences. Comparing intuition to a computer, intuition would be the base operating system, your environment and all the things you interact with are the software, it’s always the base operating system that dictates what the software will and won’t do. The hardware is the body and mind that acts as a platform for transactions involving reactions to situations demanding immediate response. Thus offering a quicker than most times, responsive reaction and decision, that’s not contemplated on at any given length.

Others will refer to intuition, as a gift from a god or other offerings from entity of choice. A selective message sent to them, motivating them to an immediate reaction. Either way both, this is a form of survival; they both need to be acknowledged as such. In addition to, they should be accepted by more with not as much of uncertainty and second thought.

This development accelerates beyond the ability of most present-day individuals to fully comprehend or even calculate its timing and effectiveness. Most seem to be lacking often a level in their functional awareness or either in their triad of consciousness. In which to neither achieve this level of intuition, nor do they have the capacity for this sensory perception to be useful for them.

Nor to be recognized and accepted, moreover, to be useful in their decision making. When occurring in the absence of their triad of consciousness, or their functional awareness, nor holding the light of thought. It’s a state of the mind not immediately available to their functional awareness or their awaking triad of consciousness. Yet this can be and should be as well, with the proper guidance and techniques along with an inner acceptance. Any one may achieve this internal guidance viewpoint with more reassurance and recognition, only if they want to.



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