Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Sixth Sense in Animals


You had stated that after the Asian disaster that occurred recently, that very few animal bodies, if any were found. As I like to say, this has stimulated one of the old ways of thinking, as if it was a new thought being brought forth. Those animals in general have the noticeable ability to sense approaching peril. To paraphrase, your thoughts, so if it’s true, is there anything mythological about their ability? No. Is it what we often refer to as the sixth sense? Yes. So, just what is the sixth sense, from a thoughtful approach?

You go on to state, again paraphrasing if I may, if we use the reference to John Locke’s thought complex of the inner workings on his primary and secondary characters, involving the thought process within our own very being, we can see the characters and influences that objects have to produce ideas in our minds. He goes on to state that tertiary characters are manipulated to produce change in an object. The primary characters exist in objects themselves, and exist in the bodies themselves. The secondary characters are mind-dependent and exist only when perceived. They include color, smell, taste, sound and other sensible traits.

As you have stated, again paraphrasing, let us assume something like this division seizes a form of truth. Then, as has been stated, it follows that many, perhaps a significant amount of secondary characters are possibly depending on the viewer’s sense organs. Since secondary characters are the result of objects interacting with the spectators sense organs, different sense organs would cause the perception of some sort of secondary feature.

You refer to taking a look at another class as a consideration for a primary feature, the electromagnetic properties of an object, using the proper sense organ; it should be possible to perceive these properties as well.

Continuing with your thoughts, this possibility can be seen in one of many ideas giving way to thoughts on bird migration. It is thought that they may have the ability to perceive the earth’s electrical magnetic force fields. If birds can navigate with the aid of an electrical magnetically-sensitive faculty, it isn’t much of a stretch to take for granted that if birds do, then why not many of the other animals as well. They too could have similar faculties providing them with that electrical magnetic communication. I believe that there are other equivalent informational transmissions concerning the world around them that they are receiving as well.

You then stated that we as humans do not have this ability, as does the animal kingdom. A point of Addition, Clarification and Correction, the latest findings are about two years old and state that science has found a part within the brain, frontal lobe area, which plays a part within our controlling sense organ the brain. Some people are able, as with animals, of perceiving a natural catastrophe from the wavering electrical magnetic fields in a flex of discrepancy around them. At first, it was only recognized as existing in animals and thought of as not existing in humans.

Well guess what, we do and some of us are more receptive towards its use, mostly unintentionally, than others. I believe that throughout time, our evolution has dampened and suppressed its use in most of our life’s ways. Unlike animals that do not have that luxury of modern technology to give them the ability to ease up on that part of their sense organ that is needed for their preservation, the same as ours.

As you have stated, natural disasters do not happen randomly, yes, they do follow certain pre-existing conditions. The activity from movements between tectonic plates helps cause earthquakes, we have eruptions by volcanic actions, and many on going forms of atmospheric conditions result in tornados, etc. which all have a predetermined signal of those natural occurrences, therefore in some animals as well as humans, to put it basically, home in on and interpret those impressions. If your point was that there are many intrinsic sensing signals being transmitted relating to those events prior to those events actually taking place, you are right.

You say that it’s not then unreasonable to assume that animals with different and additional sensory faculties could already know how to detect the conditions that proceed natural disaster-especially considering the evolutionary benefit of doing so.

Your Conclusion:Because there is no reason to think it impossible or unlikely for (some) animals to be able to detect conditions that usually precede natural disasters, I think the common anecdotal evidence for animals having some sort of (non-mythical) "sixth sense" is enough to make it reasonable to believe they might. Denying the possibility might even be unreasonable. Still, we should remember that attributing such abilities to animals doesn't require that we think anything "mythical" or "supernatural" is going on - there are convincing explanations from within a completely mundane worldview.

My Conclusion,

I agree with your conclusion to a position, yet you could have gone even farther with stating, as I will. Not only have a few of those out there in the animal world had this ability that we as a race also have. Yet over time we have become detached and alienated from its use, the guidance and mostly unaware of its presence until just recently. So if we start developing this inner sensing ability or sixth sense, who knows where it will lead along side of science in foretelling many earth events of natural motion.

Then it only makes common wisdom that if it was in nature’s procedures as a result of the experience of evolution. Well, are we then not part of that same process of arrangement under nature as the animals? If we are as many claim that we are, then we must have that inner ability as well as they do in the animal kingdom. This is one of several factors behind the inner workings involving preservation of a species. The ability to be capable of sensing the impressions emanating from the electrical magnetic force fields, and then translating that message into a forewarning as to events that are about to occur within their surrounding area, or at least close by. As you so neatly put it, especially considering the evolutionary benefit of doing so, that is having a sixth sense of intelligence to help channel us.

I believe that the more we depended on culture the less we depended on nature. The farther away from nature, which we travel as a culture, the farther we distance ourselves from its foremost inner teachings and workings, we could eventually misplace its use and lose its purpose. I believe that we are not part of nature’s principle, yet we became part of nature’s diagram. Acknowledgement is acceptance.

Jan / uisiom


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Blogger The DoorKeeper said...

You develop that which you pay attention to. You get better at things you practice. It makes sense. Literally. When we notice that the fridge isn't working, we are using not only our hearing sense, but also our ability to sort and make use of information and experience.

If you live somewhere all your life tuned to it's rhythms, you notice when something unusual happens. Humans tend to create more and more 'unusual' and then try not to pay it any mind.

Interesting blog. Who are you responding to?

Wednesday, December 07, 2005 8:20:00 AM  

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